Best 10 Free Fast Proxy Websites To Surf Protected And Anonymously

We all like surfing on the web. But some websites record you IP by which they then try to collect all the other information about the IP. This might get your identity at a serious risk.So it is sometimes better to hide our IP address as you have to do this to keep your privacy. So for your convinence I have found many Proxy sites to hide the IP address and today I am going to share with you the best 10 proxy sites to effectively hide your IP address while you surf on the Internet. This trick will show you how to open blocked websites secretly at your work or place and that too safe from being your IP leaked.

Proxy sites are effective and useful as they help us to hide our IP address and no additional cost. It is effective as when we try to access any website, and when the browser requests the server, the request is first sent to the Proxy website who then in turn ask for the website to the server. This is helpful as we are able to access the website VIA the proxy website server. So the website records the IP address of the Proxy website. So our IP address and our privacy and identity is safe and protected.

So here are the top 10 Free Proxy website to help you protect your precious privacy:

1: Hide My Ass: It is a fast Proxy website with support for not only Windows but also iPad and Android. Its fast interface also attracts many users.

2:Newipnow:This is another useful Proxy website to hide your identity through Ip address. You can choose any country from the options given on the website.

3:Proxify:Proxify is an interesting Proxy website as it hides your IP with other IPs and also gives you many other facilities to access other websites.

4:Change IP Country: Change IP Country is another Proxy website to use anonymous surfing services.

5:KProxy:KProxcy is one of the best tools online to hide your IP address from the ones who are interested in leaking identities of other people.

6:Browser9:Browser9 is another trusted proxy website to hide IPs and make your identities protected from others.

7: Anonr:Anonr is a free online anonymous service aimed at protecting your privacy.

8:Megaproxy: Megaproxy is used worldwide by many people as it effectively hide our IPs.

9:PageWash:Anonymous (Proxy) surfing lets you to surf the net without worry about about people knowing your location.

10:iBypass:Do you want to browse the web secretly? Use this Proxy website which and also open websites blocked at your office or college.


I hope the websites listed above will help you to surf free anonymously and hide your IP from people who try to hack your IPs and track all your information.


Perihal Wllhack CSO Megaxus

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