Free Softwares

This page contains the softwares which are recommended for smooth working of your PC. Almost all the softwares are free in this section. Costly softwares are provided with License key to activate them. Every software is tested for few days and then posted so that user doesn’t have any problem while using them.

Google Chrome Offline Installer


Mostly everyone nowadays use Google’s Chrome browser. It is the only browser which improves browsing speed. But the worst thing is that when you try to install it, It downloads chrome from internet. It is time consuming and even irritating to download it again and again if installation fails. Here I give you download link to install Chrome Offline. Just run the file and it installs. No more waiting for downloads.

Completely Free Anti-Virus


Yes, you’ve heard right! There is a Anti-virus which is completely free of cost. There is no need of Registering this Anti-virus with any Registration code. It’s ClamWin Anti-Virus. It is compatible with all versions of Windows. It is a powerful anti-virus and doesn’t slow-down your PC. The only Dis-advantage is that it doesn’t include a on-access real-time scanner. You’ll have to manually scan files and folders in order to detect a virus or Spyware. I’ve used this anti-virus and it is wonderful anti-virus. I recommend it to all Home users.


Microsoft System Optimization tool


This is a wonderful tool developed by Microsoft Developers. All you have to do is just download this file from the link given below and install it. Open it from Start > All Programs > Microsoft BootVIS. Goto Trace > Optimize System. You’ll be prompted for Restarting your computer. Click Yes. When Computer Restarts (Login if you’ve  User Password) just wait for it to complete Optimization. It usually takes 30-50 mins. At this moment don’t use your PC. Let it complete fully. After optimization just Restart your PC to see the difference.

BitDefender USB Immunizer 1.2.


Nowadays, many Pendrives are infected by Viruses, Torjans, Spywares and many other auto-runs. As soon as you insert your USB stick these Malwares automatically run without users notice. This could cause huge damage to PC. But BitDefender USB Immunizer is a wonderful tool which protects your PC from these Malwares and auto-runs.

IObit Toolbox


IObit Toolbox is a wonderful standalone application with more than 20 dedicated tools. You can add your name and photo to customize it’s looks. And there is no need to install it. Just run directly from your drive. And it is Portable so you can carry it in your USB Flash Stick. Most IT Professionals use this tool to keep their PC clean.



Accidentally deleted any important file? Lost system when your computer crashed? Don’t worry! Recuva helps you recover deleted files from Recycle Bin, Digital Camera Card or MP3 Player. It’s absolutely free! Download now!




CCleaner is a free application that Increases Disk Space by deleting Temporary Internet files, Cookies and many other Unwanted files from your PC. It also removes Registry errors and improves PC’s performance. It has many other tools that helps your PC to work at its top speed. Download now!


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