Mobile Apps

Fastest Mobile browser


Every mobile nowadays have GPRS so that you can browse the Internet world. Mobile has it’s own default browser but most of those browsers are time consuming as they load the webpages slowly. But here is a browser that loads the pages at a lightning fast speed, no bother what kind of mobile you own, it’s Opera Mini. To download it just visit from your mobile’s browser. It provides Multiple site browsing and multiple files downloading. It has nice graphics and many other features

Bluetooth Hack


With this cute little application you can connect to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and control it. The things you can do with this application are:

You can dial any call from his mobile without his permission
Press any key from his mobile without his permission
Read his contacts
and many more

Chatting Application


This small little mobile application allows you to directly chat from your mobile where ever you are. It supports facebook, GTalk, Yahoo!, MSN and many other Social Networking sites. Its easy and fast. So, what are you waiting for? Just click on the link given below and transfer it to your mobile. Or just visit from your Mobile and download it directly to your moblie.

Link : Visit here

Speedup your Mobile



This application will speedup your mobile by increasing Mobile’s RAM Space. If you are using this application for the first time follow the steps given below. The registration code is also given below.

– Download and run this application.
– Select Options and then select Register and enter the registration code given below.
– Select Options and then select Quick Boost.
– Wait for it to boost it.
– Hurray! You are done.
Link : MemoryUp (.JAR file)
Link : MemoryUp (JAD file)
Link : Visit site
Registration Code : 00000000000000000000 (20 Zeros)
– Please don’t enter any e-mail address for registering it. Simply enter the Registration code and click OK.

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